Introducing Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy for your Pets!

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is a supplemental alternative therapy that provides relief in pets who suffer from inflammation, muscle pain, and bone injuries. Dogs, horses and other pets benefit greatly from this contemporary therapy.

We recently had a Lunch and Learn for staff members at the LVVS clinic with Certified PEMF Equine and Canine Body Worker for Pulse Therapy, Susan Dickinson. This article will answer your questions and explain how PEMF can benefit your furry friend.

What is PEMF Therapy?

This painless therapy increases blood flow and provides “cellular exercise” for your animal’s cells. These cells contain ions. When the body is stressed or injured the ions become sluggish. This makes the recovery process more difficult.

PEMF is a non-invasive form of treatment that works by stimulating the body. It encourages circulation and increases cellular activity. This helps your pet’s body to heal quicker and to relieve pain. In addition, it helps them to relax so they feel better overall.

PEMF Compared to Laser Therapy

PEMF works better than traditional laser therapy because the electromagnetic fields can be directed towards the injury. Laser therapy can cause a detrimental reaction if overused. Also, it does not have as much reach as PEMF and only treats a targeted area.

LVT Shannon and Dr. Glaza hold the loops on their body to see what it feels like

How Does Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Work?

Every living thing has energy. PEMF uses that energy to rebalance and regenerate the cells in the body. The cells in our bodies actually communicate by using electromagnetic frequencies. Tissue functions such as respiration and metabolism are controlled by these intricate communications.

PEMF stimulates the cells so that oxygen, water, and nutrients are flowing the body.

A loop is used to lay on the animal’s body to deliver the pulses. This loop can be moved over the body during the session or center on a specific point. Your therapist will have a variety of sized lops and can also adjust the current output on the machine.

He or she will administer the strength based on the referral from the vet on what would be complementary to other medicines or treatments the animal is receiving.

There are no side effects from PEMF. In our experience, the pets look visibly relaxed and enjoy the experience. Loops are an FDA-approved Non-Pharmaceutical Anti-Inflammatory Device (NPAID) when used by a trained technician.

We have even pulsed a duck!

Has PEMF Had Proven Results?

There have been over 200 scientific studies done to authenticate pulsed electromagnetic therapy. PEMF has been used on humans recovering from surgery since it was FDA approved in 2004.

Veterinarians began using this process in the 1970s. It has been long been used on racehorses recovering from leg bone and muscle injuries.

Pulsed electromagnetic therapy has been used successfully in dogs recovering from spinal injuries and surgery.

Susan, who owns a riding stable, states that pulse therapy has helped her own animals tremendously. She has seen better movement and greater flexibility as well as she feels they are happier and more relaxed. In particular, she has noticed in a grumpy horse that they seldom pin their ears back and are more easy-going.

Ask Your Veterinarian

Talk to your veterinarian about adding PEMF to your pet’s wellness regime. Dr. Glaza states that “each pet is an individual and discussion should take place between the pet owner and the vet to determine an appropriate course of action”.

For pet owners who are interested in a more natural form of treatment versus Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories (NSAIDs) will want to discuss if PEMF is a good option.

We Offer PEMF (Pulse) Complementary Therapy At the Clinic

Licking Valley Veterinary Services is pleased to be teaming up with Susan Dickinson. Susan is the owner of Cork and Mane and has extensive experience with horses, cats, dogs and livestock. She works closely with Dr. Glaza to offer your pet the best and most holistic treatment available.

Susan trained at the Paul Webb Pulse Centers which serves both human and animal practitioners. She got into pulse therapy for the “overall betterment and well-being of my own animals”.

After seeing the positive results on her personal dogs and horses Susan decided to make this opportunity available to other pet owners. You can learn more about Susan’s bodywork certifications on her website.

We Are Currently Booking PEMF Appointments!

Call Licking Valley Veterinary at to set up an appointment today at 859-472 4141. We serve the Northern Kentucky region. Susan is here on Tuesdays or other days by appointment.

Appointments for small animals take place in our clinic. We can also see horses and have a large parking lot, grassy area, and covered stocks for your convenience.

Prices for Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy at LVVS :

Pay for 5 sessions get the 6th one free

Dogs $80 per session  or 6 for $400

Horses $100 per session   or 6 for $500

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Author Ame Vanorio is the director of Fox Run Environmental Education Center and a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. She helps out at LVVS with surgeries, writing the blog, and helping to educate the public. Ame lives on her farm in Kentucky with too many animals to count! 

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