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We are happy to be carrying Excel Supplements at Licking Valley Vet clinic. Dr. Glaza decided to carry these extraordinary nutritional supplements because They. Work. Excel supplements are of high quality we have observed many positive responses in our clients.

Excel products are nutritional supplements designed for dogs, horses, and livestock. They are designed to support muscle and joint health and can be applied to the skin for dermatitis problems and wound care.

This article will answer your questions about Excel products, camelina oils and how it will help your pets and livestock.

What is Camelina Oil?

Excel products are derived from camelina oil a nutrient-rich oil that is similar to flax. However, it is actually in the cabbage family. These products contain a unique mix of vitamin E, phytosterols, polyphenols, and omegas 3, 6, and 9 which benefit your pet’s health.

Camelina has actually been around for thousands of years. Wild species grow throughout Europe. The oil produced was once used in oil lamps to light homes. It fell out of favor in the 1940s due to the rise of higher-yielding and subsidized corn oil.

Camelina is now having a resurgence due to its growing popularity in health products as well as other environmental applications. The state of Montana is exploring its use as a biofuel.

The camelina used in Excel products is grown in Spain on certified sustainable farms. Excel regulates the entire growing process from seed to processing so they can assure their customers that Excel products are FEI safe and totally compliant. Excel products are non-GMO and as natural as you can get.

Benefits For Horses

Camelina oil is abundant in Vitamin E which fights inflammation, skin problems and improves metabolism. Vitamin E is important to horses and other animals because it is a biological antioxidant and supports normal muscle function. One reason why it has become favored with competition horses.

For those of you with competition horses, an increase in exercise and work creates a greater demand for vitamin E in your horse’s body. Vitamin E along with Omega 3’s are going to help “grease the wheels” so to speak and keep your horse’s ligaments supple and flexible.

Dr. Glaza is an active reenactor and uses Excel to keep his horses ready for battle!

Horses naturally get vitamin E through grazing on green grasses. However, in winter, when they need it most natural sources of vitamin E may be in short supply.

Excel EQ ( Equine) is an easy to give supplement. It blends in well with their grain and all of our horses eat it readily. My horse Rocket licks the excess oil out of his bucket.

Benefits to Livestock and 4H Animals

Livestock also greatly benefit from Excel products. Whether you are raising a steer for 4H, a hog for the table, or milking dairy goats Excel supplements will support the growth and health of your animal.

With skin injuries I have seen amazing responses with healing and in the show animals for fair I see better weight gain, healthier coats, and overall improved body condition.”
Dr Racheal Redman McKinney, DVM

Omega 3’s provide important fatty acids to your animal’s diet. This improves neurological functions, regulates hormones, and builds quality muscle tissue. In addition, for those of you who raise meat animals, using an omega 3 rich supplement such as Excel R8 will improve the meat’s nutrition level.

At one of our Lunch and Learns, we received training on Excel products.

Excel and Canine Skin Conditions

Dogs can be prone to skin problems and arthritis. My 15-year-old, Springer Spaniel Riley, was hit hard by both of these conditions last summer. Riley had always been an energetic (understatement) ball playing, farm dog.

Riley developed red, itchy skin and a tumor on her back. She was lethargic and she didn’t want to play ball. Honestly, I was terrified she was reaching the end.

Working with Dr. Glaza we decided to remove the tumor. He also took Xrays which showed advanced arthritis in her hips.

Coincidently at that time, Dr. Glaza began to carry Excel K9. I took Riley and a big jug of Excel home after surgery. I began adding a squirt of Excel to her nightly meal.

Within two weeks I began to see progress. I was cautiously optimistic. Riley has since made a full recovery. While she doesn’t run around these days like she did ten years ago, she is active and follows me around with a tennis ball in her mouth.

Riley’s favorite thing to do – Play Ball!

I think the combination of having the tumor removed and giving her targeted nutritional support with Excel K9 has made all the difference. She has energy, a beautiful coat and can still run and play at age 15. If you have ever had a Springer you know that they are happy active dogs!

Work With Your Vet

Raising animals takes a village. I encourage you to talk to your veterinarian about the nutritional requirements of your animals. At Licking Valley Vet we know that every pet has unique needs and we are available to help develop a healthy plan of action for your furry friend.

Author, Ame Vanorio, is the loving mother of many fur babies and the director of Fox Run Environmental Education Center. She can be found on occasion, helping out with surgeries or hiding in the backroom writing blogs.

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