Australia Needs Us

Recently, in our area, we have seen the return of our national bird, the Bald Eagle. Multiple people have come into the clinic excited to say they have seen a Bald Eagle in our community. This majestic bird inspires awe and makes us feel connected with our history.  We take pride in the bird and the symbol it means to our country.   

Across the globe symbols of one of our allies are suffering. Horrible fires are devastating Australia.  Many animals that the world associates with Australia are suffering and dying in such large numbers that fears of extinction are on conservationist minds. 

Not everyone can fly to Australia and make a difference, such as many brave firefighters from the United States already have, but we can all make a difference to help the exotic animals suffering from this tragedy by giving funds to the people there on the front lines. 

Please follow this link and make a donation to help the Australia Zoo to help with rescuing their native wildlife  Any help would be appreciated so please join Dr. Glaza and staff at Licking Valley Veterinary Hospital by contributing what you can along with us.

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