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Vet Talk is meant to be an informative audio presentation that will give you a more in-depth understanding of various aspects of veterinary medicine. Veterinary medicine and all aspects related to it is full of intricate complexities, which often cannot be adequately discussed in brief visits and discussions. These audio discussions are meant to give people a better understanding of the veterinary world. It is our hope that this will educate and inform you so you can make good decisions for the creatures under your care.



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Education Events


Dr. Glaza offers a variety of lectures on a variety of veterinary topics.  Please email for more information and pricing.



Licking Valley Veterinary Services offers the ability to shadow and gain practical experience for aspiring veterinarians.  We ask that all people who shadow contact us at  We request that you are able to drive yourself to and from the clinic, fill out some paperwork and come ready to get your hands dirty.  Space is limited, not all who request can be accepted.