We serve
our community at our office and at their homes

Licking Valley Veterinary Service offers veterinary care for horses, dogs, cats, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, llamas, alpacas and exotics. For your convenience services are offered both at our clinic and your home or farm. Digital records are in place to offer better care and be as eco-friendly of a business as possible. While Licking Valley Veterinary Service has mobile services, certain situations require work at the office to provide the best care for your animals.   Please view the categories below to find out more information about specific treatments for animals.  We also have a veterinary technician who can complete routine procedures, where a veterinarian exam is not required, to keep cost down for your convenience.  

Equine services

Farm Calls

  • $100 Pendleton County, Campbell County, Bracken County, Kenton County
  • Farm Calls are limited to down animals, adult cattle and groups of animals >5.  
  • Horses, goats and calves can be hauled to the clinic.

*Does not include exam

Office Call

  • $50 Veterinary Exam at the Office
  • $30 Technician Exam at the Office
*****Please contact us if you need a list of people who can help you haul your large animals. ********
  • $300 Farm/House Charge after hours.  Only includes travel and exam, does not include cost of work completed.
  • $150 Office Call – After hours.  Includes exam and office call when animals is brought to the clinic.
  • $100 Day-Time Interruption Emergency at the office

LVVS offers services for all types of horses from Pleasure to Show to Event horses as well as services for all sizes of horses from Miniature to Draft Horses. While LVVS offers regulatory services such as Coggins(EIA)Forms/Health Certificates and basic services such as horse vaccines we also offer services including ultrasound exams and power dental flotations. Sick animals have access to a wide variety of blood tests and the ability to provide intravenous fluids and medications as needed to the horses either in your barn or local facilities. Emergency service is available, please check website or call for availability. For those times when a case requires more in depth treatment than can be provided locally LVVS has developed a network of highly skilled professionals that can offer more specialized care for your animals.​

Please click on the links below to download PDFs for information about the specific topic.




Ruminant SERVICES​


                                                                             New Cattle clients are not being accepted at this time.

LVVS offers services to cattle, goats, sheep, llamas, and alpacas, from emergency dystocia management to bloodwork or vaccines needed for maintaining the health of herds or individuals.  Farmers are responsible for adhering to stated withdrawal times on medications (http://www.farad.org/).  A valid veterinary client-patient relationship must be maintained for medications to be dispensed. This requires an evaluation of the premises at least once a year.  All cattle must be properly restrained in a barn or chute system before the vet arrives. Cattle not restrained will not be served. No animal, if they are deemed fractious or dangerous posing a risk to LVVS employees, will be served.  Goats are often required, due to their smaller size in nature, to be transported to the clinic for examination and treatment.  

Please Click these links to download Individual speices recommendations.